December 2016

The Development Consent for the new Green room was issued in March 2016. Since that time there has been a lot of discussion with Council officers about work they need to do to make the Clarke Stand ready for our works.

The Council’s work involves removing the existing roof and part of its structural steel support and replacing the roof at a slightly higher level with associated new structural support. In addition, the Council proposes to do other minor asset preservation improvements. We understand that funding for the Council’s works are included in the Council’s current year operational budget.

The replacement of the roof at a higher level impacts our proposal and requires modification of our plans. The Council has requested that our architects do this revision to capture both the Councils work relating to the roof replacement as well as the consequential revisions to our works. These are now covered in the EJE Architects revision plans which are viewable here

We are pleased to advise that both the Council officers and ourselves are very happy with the improvements that are delivered by these revision plans and accordingly the Council has asked us to lodge this modification application for approval.

We see the improvements arising from the revision as follows.

Firstly, the revision remedies the low head height usage and risk issues which currently apply in the top tiers of the Stand on both sides of the proposed new Clubroom.

Secondly, the new roof height creates cubic space above the gym area that can be utilized for a new mezzanine level cool room and storage (with lift access) thus avoiding the need to construct those at the rear of the Stand at greater expense.

Thirdly, as suggested by the Council, the areas at the top of the Stand on each side of the Clubroom are now dealt with as flat viewing areas and provide far improved viewing for users in these areas. In addition viewing is improved from the Clubroom by removal of existing steel supports which currently impede the view and moving them back in line with the facade of the Clubroom.

Fourthly, the additional height means our work can be done without the extensive and somewhat complex demolition within the Stand required by the current consent plans and with consequent cost savings anticipated.

These improvements create significant benefits to the overall outcome of the project for the benefit of all involved.

The revision plans have been lodged for approval which is anticipated early in 2017.

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