We’re growing the Greens.

That’s the great news for the club.

Your club has just launched the Merewether Greens Rugby Foundation as the principal source of funding to support the on and off-field endeavours of Merewether-Carlton Rugby Club, including our Juniors.

The Foundation will be the main fund-raising arm of our club and a major force in financing the New Green Room.

The Foundation’s guiding objectives are:

  1. Securing our club’s future
  2. Promoting social inclusion and community engagement
  3. Achieving on-field success through pursuit of elite performance
  4. Providing development and pathway opportunities for young players


The Foundation has entered an agreement with the Australian Sports Foundation and registered a general fundraising project with that body. Additionally, we’ve registered a separate project for the creation of a New Green Room within the existing Clarke Stand.


To meet these objectives, the Merewether Rugby Foundation will provide the means for supporters, groups and other entities to offer cash and in-kind donations and engage in fund-raising activities.


The Foundation’s board is chaired by Mike Rabbitt and comprises eight accomplished individuals whose professional skills encompass finance, law, local government administration, engineering, marketing, property and media.


For more information,  and learn how, with the touch of a button, you can make a tax-exempt contribution to Growing the Greens, please click donate below.


Go the Greens!


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